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We are part of the water cycle

Why trust us

We have the widest range of products in the field of drinking water meters and piping in the market.
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We are the company with the highest quality manufacturing and product innovation in the industry.
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As a manufacturer, we have the capacity to develop new products at the request of our customers.
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We not only advise you on the purchase, we also offer support and installation of the parts.
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80 years
of experience
+15 million
of installations carried out
+100 million
of manufactured parts

An expert team at the service of the professional

since 1942

We offer solutions to specific problems in the drinking and sanitary water distribution sector in the national market. The constant research and subsequent design of new products, has specialized GATELL as a leading company in the hydraulic sector, incorporating new elements in our day to day, in constant collaboration with public entities, companies and professionals.
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New PPR Premium Manifold

We have developed a product that is being very well received throughout the national territory. Have you heard about our new Premium PPR manifold with 10 years warranty?

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