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Connects our manifolds with the new Gatell check valve

21 de February de 2023

Get the advantage in your connections thanks to our products!

  • Option A: Quick and easy installation of the check valve Gatell 04VRETB, according to the standard.
  • Option B: Quick and easy installation of the butterfly shut-off valve 06VM in conjunction with Gatell check valve 04VRETB.
  • Connection to composite flanges, 0% oxidation.
  • Composite manifold counter flange, for PPR or PE flange holders without connecting threads, reducing work and rust to a minimum.

The new Gatell check 04VRETB valve guarantees the proper flow rate up to 40% higher than usual assemblies.

In addition, by having only one gate, there is less friction and pressure losses in the system are considerably reduced.

Sergio Garcia


Actualmente, CEO de Gatell SA haciendo evolucionar el sistema de instalaciones de agua potable y sanitaria en todo el territorio nacional. Ingeniero técnico en instalaciones de agua y tuberías desde hace más de 30 años

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