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Do you need to maintain harmony on the facade of your facility? We have the solution

15 de June de 2023

Panelized cabinets are a highly functional and versatile option for the installation of building enclosures.

The placement of traditional cabinets on the facade of buildings has been a frequent concern due to their negative impact on the aesthetics and architectural design. These cabinets are usually made of plastic or sheet metal, and their appearance does not integrate harmoniously with the facade, breaking with the overall aesthetics of the building.

Gatell offers an effective solution to this problem with the panelized cabinets. These cabinets are designed with a mesh that can support any type of material, which allows them to be camouflaged almost imperceptibly in the facade of the building. This means that they can be covered with the same material that is used to clad the wall, whether it is stone, brick, ceramic or other finish, achieving a perfect visual integration.

The panel cabinets are manufactured with a solid steel sheet body, which makes them very strong and durable. This robust structure protects the internal components of the cabinets and guarantees their integrity over time, even in adverse conditions.

The hinges used are manufactured from high-quality stainless steel. This provides increased corrosion resistance and ensures smooth and long-lasting operation of the cabinet doors. The stainless steel hinges ensure easy access to the interior of the cabinet, facilitating maintenance and repair work.

Our panel cabinets undergo an epoxy powder coating process. This coating is applied electrostatically and then dried in a high-temperature oven. The result is a durable finish that is resistant to shocks, scratches and adverse weather conditions. In addition, the industrial cleaning process prior to coating ensures a surface free of impurities and properly prepared for coating.

In conclusion, panelized cabinets present an effective solution to the problem of aesthetics and design in the placement of cabinets on the facade. Their ability to visually integrate with the cladding material used on the building, together with their strength and durability, make them a beneficial option over traditional plastic or sheet metal cabinets.

Sergio Garcia


Actualmente, CEO de Gatell SA haciendo evolucionar el sistema de instalaciones de agua potable y sanitaria en todo el territorio nacional. Ingeniero técnico en instalaciones de agua y tuberías desde hace más de 30 años

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