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Electro-welding machine

21 de February de 2023

We are introducing a new range of electro-fusion welding machines!

  • Automatic control
  • Optical and acoustic signaling of the welding process
  • Electronic control system that reacts in real time to changes in power parameters.
  • Automatic adjustment of tension and cycle times according to type of accessory
  • Programming of the operating parameters:
    • Automatic mode using abar code scanner
    • Manual mode entering the voltage and time parameters from the accessory
    • “As the last one” mode: automatic programming using the adjustments of the last merger
  • The two models we have incorporated cover a wide range of applications:
    • With the model 33ELSMAQ you can weld tubes up to ø160mm
    • With the 33ELSMAQ400 you can weld tubes up to ø400mm

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