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Gate valve PN16 (F4)

IVA included
  • Resilient-Seated Gate Valve
  • DIN3352-F4
  • Length between flange faces : DIN3302
  • Flange drillings DIN2532/DIN2533
  • Service: potable water transportation
  • Non-ascending spindle, reverse locking
  • Gate (in EPDM elastomer) and mechanism designed according to EN1074 1, -2 and DIN3202 standards
  • Flanges type 21 according to EN 1092-2 (former DIN2501)
  • Flange face-to-face length according to Series 14 of EN 558-1
  • AISI420 stainless steel spindle
  • Screws type DIN912 (cylindrical Allen head) in structural steel class 8.8, zinc-plated
  • Damper core, body, hood (and top cover in DN>350) In nodular cast iron GJS-500/7 (GGG50)
  • Electrostatically applied epoxy paint, min. thickness 250 RAL5015
  • Test pressure: 24 bar
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