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Gatell premium PPR manifold

IVA included

Our PREMIUM polypropylene water meter manifold is superior to conventional ones. No welding, no oxidation and complies with the UNE 53943:2017 standard.

  • One-piece PPR pipe, with built-in plastic plate, without welding.
  • Polypropylene tube circuit according to UNE-EN ISO 15874-1:2004 and UNE-EN ISO 15874-2:2004.
  • Models available from 4 to 30 meters.
  • (4-2-2") refers to (number of meters - number of rows - diameter of plate).

UNE 53943:2017: Outlets from the manifold to the meter inlet taps must be at least DN20 for flanged outlet and (3/4") for threaded outlet.

UNE 19804:2002: Valves of smaller diameter than the one corresponding to the meter to be installed, as indicated in the legislation in force, or exceeding it by more than two consecutive diameters, may not be installed, therefore, in traditionally manufactured manifolds with welded nozzles, the installation of DN20 valves cannot be allowed when required by the company.


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Main features

  • PPR monopiece pipe, with incorporated plastic plate, without welding.
  • Totally thread-free.
  • Reversible, it can be used for either left or right side entry.
  • Resistant to corrosion, ultraviolet rays and low temperatures.
  • Absence of incrustations.
  • Flexible and lightweight.
  • Very low pressure drops.
  • Always arranged in a closed circuit and with a maximum of three rows.
Technical data

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