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Single jet water meter

IVA included

Modular totalizer; prepared for receiving data from an electronic communication module (e.g. radio frequency, M-Bus).
Optionally pre-equipped with electronic communication module
RF module, fully compatible with the submeter RF system
Residia-M: M-Bus module for devices conforming to EN 13757-3 (IEC 870/EN 1434-3)
Residia-P: Pulse module for digital pulses (e.g. remote reading)
Single jet velocity counter with magnetic drag.
Protection against magnetic fields in accordance with EN 14 154 over the entire measuring range.
Suitable as cold water meter up to 30°C.
Suitable as hot water meter up to 90°C.
Mounting position: any, except upside down.
Adjustable meter head for optimal reading position.

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