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Fully insolated concrete box with polyester box

IVA included
  • Manufactured in concrete and reinforced with fiberglass that offers high mechanical and impact resistance.
  • Several models with doors of different sizes and materials: Aluminum door on galvanized sheet metal frame. Two models with fiberglass reinforced polyester door and with galvanized steel door and frame painted with epoxy resin.
  • All models are closed by means of a stainless steel latch driven by a shaft with an Allen or triangular head, with the possibility of other closures being studied.
  • In models with polyester door, molded polystyrene plates can be adapted as thermal insulation, protecting only the door, or totally (except for model ACPEG3450CP).
  • The base, completely open, allows the placement of inlet and outlet pipes connected to the meter or other mechanisms. In addition, the rear wall has been provided with holes (only started and easily practicable) for mounting at other levels..
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